Throughout Worcestershire’s Vale and Spa there are a number of fishing facilities ranging from membership-only to pay-as-you-go; and still water to river opportunities.

Please note: BAA stipulates Birmingham Anglers Association waters. Membership required – please visit their website for more details. BAA water Information taken from their website.


River Avon

Evesham, Swifts Water & Parks Farm (BAA)

“Good bream fishing at Evesham. Parks Farm and Swifts for chub & roach. Plenty of pike and zander plus occasional tench and barbel.”

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Cleve Prior (BAA)

“Typical Warwickshire Avon with an even flow and regular depth averaging 6-8 feet. Bream, chub, roach, pike, barbel & tench can all be found here. best methods are; swimfeeder, stick float and waggler, with maggots the best bait.”

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Charlton, Cropthorne (BAA)

“The river here is slower and deeper with roach & bream the main species. Chub & barbel can be found below Charlton Weir. Swimfeeder is the best tactic to use.”

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Fladbury (BAA)

“A very popular stretch, particularly for club matches. barbel, chub, roach, bream and pike can be found especially below the weir. Depths average 3-6 feet.”

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Lower Moor (BAA)

“Half mile on the right bank. Average depths to 10′ with bream, chub & roach. Good for pike & zander. In winter fields are flooded and you need to detour around edges to get to river. A fence/stile separates the two fields between the car park and river which you will need to lift your gear over so travel light.”

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Wick (BAA)

“A popular stretch with clubs for contests. Two sections either side of the lock with 20 pegs in each. Typical Avon fishing for roach, perch, chub & bream with the occasional barbel.”

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Pershore left & Right Bank (BAA)

“The river has two entirely different characters here. At Pershore, roach, chub & barbel can be found in water averaging 4-6 feet in depth. At Pensham, bream are the main species, also pike and zander. The water here is deeper and slower than at Pershore.”

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Bredon, Wood End, Mythe Farm (BAA)

“The river here is slow and deep. Large shoals of bream are found all along this stretch, plus tench, carp, roach, barbel, pike & zander.”

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Salwarp, Claines (BAA)

“A delightful little river, fishes best when the Severn is in flood and late in the year. Perch, roach, chub, barbel, pike, eels and even carp have been caught on the stretch. This fishery also includes a few pegs on the Severn immediately downstream of where the Salwarpe joins.”

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Nafford, Eckington (BAA)

“Now the river is deeper and wider, with chub & bream the main species. Good pike and zander sport also, especially below Nafford Weir.”

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Wood Norton (BAA)

The river here is slower and deeper with roach & bream the main species. Chub & barbel can be found below Charlton Weir. Swimfeeder is the best tactic to use.

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Chadbury Meadows (BAA)

The river here is slower and deeper with roach & bream the main species. Chub &barbel can be found below Charlton Weir. Swimfeeder is the best tactic to use.

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Crown Meadow and Corporation Meadow (EDAA)

The Evesham & District Angling Association (EDAA) control these waters. There are 40 pegs with number 1 by the Rowing club and 40 is next to the Ferry waters at the far end of the Corporation Meadow. The EDAA also control the waters along the Common – there are 26 pegs up stream from the old Sailing club to just past the railway bridge.

There is a charge of £3 for a day’s pleasure fishing and you pay on the Bank when the Bailiff calls.


River Severn


Holt Fleet Lock Island (BAA)

Includes the weir pool. Very good for salmon, pike and barbel.

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Canal and Rivers Trust

There is a variety of canal waters within the district. To see which stretches are available and who to contact, search on the Canal and Rivers Trust website.

Hint – search within 5 miles of “Droitwich” for the water available in the Vale and Spa area.



Still Waters


Willow Farm Fishery

“Comprises three pools which offer general pleasure, carp and match angling in rural surroundings.”

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Woodland View Fishery

“Ten fantastic fishing pools currently, each offers great angling, but for different kinds of fishing.”

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Elmbridge Fishery

“Three pools available for contests or pleasure fishing.”

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Lenches Lakes

“Two beautiful lakes providing an opportunity for Fly fishers to pit their wits against some fine fit and fighting Rainbow Trout”

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Manor Farm Leisure

“Seven well stocked stillwaters that are open all year from 7.30am until dusk”

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Rookery Meadow

“One pool of around 3.5 acres and has a good head of carp. Can be booked exclusively by parties of up to 5 anglers.”

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Eastfield Fisheries

“Two fishing lakes, both one acre each with 34 unique pegs available to book.”

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Broad Acres

“Four pool match and pleasure venue.”

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Hawford Bridge Fishery

“Multiple lakes and a one-mile stretch of the River Salwarpe.”

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Heriotts Pool, Droitwich

“1 ¾ acre, well-stocked fishing pool in the heart of Droitwich Spa.”

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