Friday 3 – Sunday 5 September, Vines Park, Droitwich Spa

The festival is running over 3 days beginning on Friday 3 September with stalls open at 12.15pm.

The official opening ceremony of Saltfest will take place at 8pm by Rebecca Redfern – the Paralympic Swimmer that is representing Team GB in the Tokyo Olympics – followed by a spectacular fireworks display, live music, food, stalls and main bar.

Saturday 4 September sees the whole festival open at 10am with the children’s funfair, food stalls, street food, art craft stalls, Roman living history camp, chefs demonstration kitchen, live music all day and night, with the main bar selling all your favourite drinks including a cocktail festival as well.

Sunday 5 September continues with I-Sing choir and for the kids, the Dave Jones magic show at 1pm with other live entertainment and attractions from the Saturday, before the closing of Saltfest with SKA BUCKS Band at 5pm.


Salt Fest started in 2006 and has grown rapidly to become a major community event for Droitwich Spa. The festival celebrates the town’s unique salt heritage with an opportunity to find out about how the salt came to be here in Droitwich Spa, when it was discovered and how it has been used through the centuries. The Salt Museum in Victoria Square will be open on Saturday 10am – 1.30pm for those keen to find out more.

The Romans were very aware of the importance of salt and Droitwich Spa was a significant centre for them, which is why we invite the Roman Military Research Society to come and show what it was like to live as a Roman soldier. With their help you can find out what clothes they wore, the food they ate and the kinds of stories and tales they would have listened to around their campfire nearly 2,000 years ago.

Salt Fest is all about the town, not just its past but its present too. High Street shops will throw their doors open on Saturday to welcome visitors so please give them a visit, whilst the St Andrews Shopping Centre offers a great mix between retail and leisure.

Once again, Vines Park will be the hub of the event with live music and entertainment across the weekend, with an array of foodie stalls, local crafts and trades,  local good causes and plenty of fun to be had.


Droitwich Spa has a fascinating history and there is much evidence of this around the town in particular the leaning buildings in the historic High Street.

Droitwich Spa owes its existence to the remarkable natural brine springs which emanate from subterranean beds of pure rock salt 200 feet below ground level. The importance of the salt can be seen in the town motto – “Sal Sapit Omnia” meaning Salt Flavours All. Dissolved by underground springs, artesian pressure forces the salt to the surface as brine, ten times saltier than sea water. Its density and buoyancy are only rivalled by the Dead Sea.

Droitwich Spa has revolved around its salt making industry for 2000 years. When the Romans invaded they recognised the value of the salt, building a number of ancient roads known as Saltways from Droitwich, as well as a fort and villa, they named Droitwich Salinae – Place of Salt. 

Among the famous sons of Droitwich are St Richard de Wyche, who became Bishop of Chichester and Pilgrim Father Edward Winslow, one of the founders of the “New World”. 

John Corbett a Victorian Entrepreneur did much to change the town, releasing it from its industrial image to a fashionable Spa Resort.

Brine bathing remained fashionable up until WWII which made Droitwich Spa a popular destination for visitors from home and abroad.

What’s on

Although social limit restrictions have ended, organisers are still conscious that we are living in the midst of a pandemic, so the event will be spaced out where possible to ensure visitors feel safe and comfortable whilst enjoying a weekend out. However, you can still enjoy the following when you visit the town…


Canal Boat Trips

Trips running from 10am to 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday along the Droitwich Canal


Meet the Romans and find out how they lived at the encampment in the park. Learn about the life of the Roman Soldier, find out about the clothes they wore and what they ate and listen to storytelling.


Over 50 stalls in attendance, with businesses, community and charity stalls to peruse.

Hot food

No event is complete without tasty hot food to enjoy, and Salt Fest is no exception! A variety of caterers are available to tickle your taste buds.


A selection of your favourite alcoholic beverages will be available to consume at the event, within the comfort of a covered marquee.


Live entertainment

Local performers will be providing the entertainment from the Friday evening to the close of play on Sunday, with performances into the evening on Saturday too.

Salt Demonstrations

Probus 87 will be offering displays and activities featuring the town’s salt heritage and local history, together with salt-making demonstrations (learn how salt was made from Droitwich brine in the Iron Age over 2,000 years ago. With talks frequently throughout the day, also witness buoyancy effect demonstrations and experience the healing properties of salt. 

Salt talks

It has become one of Droitwich Spa’s most famous products in recent years, so hear about it’s development, use and history with regular talks throughout the day. The local brine is turned into Droitwich Salt at Churchfield’s Farm, where it’s use is more than just as a condiment!

Duck race

No event on Vines Park is complete without the famous duck race on the River Salwarpe! Tickets are available to purchase all weekend. Taking place at 4pm on Sunday 5 September, the first prize is a 3 hour family trip on the Pamela May for up to 12 passengers (worth £90).