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Now that AA signage is up, take the opportunity to explore the 50 mill Blossom Trail by downloading this year’s guide.

If the beautiful scenery inspires you to create your own flower haven, why not visit one of the many garden centres or nurseries on the route, highlighted on the trail. With many to choose from, if it gets too tiring you may wish to stop off for some refreshments at one of our farm shops. Similarly, a number can be found on the trail.


Current Blossom Update

W/C 15 April

Plum and damson blossom are almost at an end.  Pear and cherry can be seen throughout the Vale , although it is likely that recent frosts will not have done them much good.

Blackthorn in the hedgerows is still visible and has “hung on” this year for much longer than usual.

As the weather is due to get warmer in the coming days, it is likely we may see the first apple blossom appearing for the Easter weekend.

W/C 1 April

It’s pretty much as last week.  All the plums are looking spectacular, the main season varieties have caught up with the early season varieties.  Damson is having a terrific blossom year this year, even though most of them have the witche’s brooms growing on their branches caused by a fungus.  Pears in sheltered locations are fully out and cherries are blooming lovely.  Blackthorn hedges are white with flowers attracting large numbers of bees, beetles and other pollinators.

W/C 25 March:

Its “blooming” amazing in the Vale of Evesham – the entrance to Evesham Town Centre off the A46/A44 junction by The Valley is positively bursting with the delicate white blossoms of Damson and early Plum. The hedgerows throughout the area are awash with Blackthorn, and forsythia, magnolia and flowering current are positively popping in gardens around the Trail.

Blossom this year is at least 2 weeks early than “usual” and it is hoped that this will not prove detrimental to the crop expected later in the year, but only time will tell.

Pear blossom is poised to appear, but the pink and white apple is probably a few weeks away as yet.


W/C 18 March:

Due to the recent warm weather, the Vale of Evesham is blooming earlier than it has done for years. Blackthorn in hedgerows is a stunning sight and the first sightings of plum blossom can also be seen, mainly in and around The Lenches area.

Damson, Early Prolific and Zaar are among the first to appear, and if the mild weather continues the orchards will burst into full bloom weeks earlier than they should.

Although beautiful to see, if full blossom appears at this stage of the year, this would cause concern for growers – not only because late frosts could cause irreparable damage, but it could also mean that fruit yields later in the year would be incredibly early and possibly a lot smaller than they should be.


W/C 11 March:

The AA signs are up and the Vale of Evesham Blossom Trail is about to bloom!

Sadly the recent high winds will have blown much of the remaining blossom from the Cherry Plum and Ornamental Cherry which we saw very early this Season.  However,  Blackthorn is just starting to burst and Magnolias and Forsythia are out in gardens around the Vale now.

Pears buds are starting to swell already so hopefully conditions will improve again soon.

What to look out for

Throughout the district, there is a variety of blossom types you will see on your travels. Below are a selection which you may see during different parts of spring within Worcestershire’s Vale and Spa.





Cherry Plum




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If technology is more your thing, you can download a GPX file which follows the Blossom Trail route (not suitable for coaches). Save the link, download to your Sat Nav, then enjoy the experience knowing you won’t miss any of the spots. On the right hand side of the page after clicking the link, select ‘Export this Route’.

Blossom in the Vale

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Blossom events in Worcestershire’s Vale & Spa

Blossom Trail Bikeaway

Sunday 7 April

A sponsored bike ride through the Vale of Evesham in aid of local charities.
Starting from Raphael’s Restaurant at Hampton Ferry, Evesham.

For more information visit

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