Broadway Gordon Russell Museum

The Gordon Russell Museum is located in the original grade II listed workshop celebrating the work of the renowned 20th century furniture designer Sir Gordon Russell MC and his company over sixty years in Broadway. To visit their website click here

Droitwich Heritage Centre

The town’s Heritage and Information Centre is based within St. Richard’s House – a black and white building, completed in 1935. It acted as an extension and new facade to the St Andrew’s Brine Baths. It has been home to the Heritage Centre and TIC since 1989. To visit their website click here

Salt Museum - within the Droitwich Heritage Centre

Up until the mid-1970s, little was known about early Droitwich, except for the presence of a substantial Roman settlement in Bays Meadow and a Roman Fort at Dodderhill. Excavations in the 1970s and 1980s uncovered extensive remains of early Droitwich and showed us to be a virtual time capsule for early evidence of the salt making industry. Many of the incredibly well preserved finds are on show in our museum, which tells the remarkable history of Droitwich. You will also find reconstructed faces from Roman skulls which reveal some incredible facts about their lifestyles and appearance. To visit their website click here 

Broadway Museum & Art Gallery

The Tudor house was built in the 17th century as a coaching inn but has been extended and adapted over the years but still retains it original features and architecture to this day. Since 2013 the building has been home to Broadway Museum and Art Gallery where it explores the history and successes of the town. To visit their website click here

Pershore Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre contains a varied collection of objects, memorabilia, history, and social history mostly related to Pershore and surrounding villages. Associated study material such as documents, photographs, notes, and family histories are held in over 100 folders in the smaller room and are available for visitors to consult. New folders were purchased thanks to our HLF-funded project, WW1 in the Vale. We would like residents, new incomers, and visitors to think of PHC as a useful local resource.

The Heritage Centre is staffed by members of PHHS who will be pleased to offer any help they can, and will try to answer any queries. If you would be interested in joining the Society, and then becoming involved in the Heritage Centre as a steward, please see the Contacts page.

A number of books on local history are available to purchase, including collections of photographs compiled by the late Marion Freeman, a past chairperson of the Society. To visit their website click here

The Almonry - Museum & Heritage Centre

This 14th Century building was once home to the Almoner of the Benedictine Abbey that was founded at Evesham in the 8th Century. Following the closure of the Abbey by Henry VIII, the Almonry became the personal home of the last Abbot, Philip Ballard, whilst the rest of the Abbey buildings were sold to Sir Philip Hoby who arranged for the quarrying of the stone. Today, the Almonry, two churches, bell tower and cloister arch are all that remain of what was reportedly the third largest abbey in England.

The Almonry has had a varied career: ale house, offices, tea rooms, private home, until it was finally purchased by Evesham Borough Council in 1929, opening as a heritage centre in 1957. Today, the Almonry is still owned and funded by Evesham Town Council. The Almonry now houses an eclectic collection that spans the prehistoric to the 20th Century. Displayed over 12 rooms and a garden, the emphasis is on how Evesham has developed and grown during this time. There are exhibitions about the Abbey, the battle of Evesham in 1265, horticulture in the area, Anglo-Saxon burial treasure, 18th Century clothing and the impact of war upon this little market town.

For children, this is a wonderful place full of exciting treasures to discover and explore with their family and friends.  During school holidays Activity Packs are available with trails, puzzles and crafts for children to do. To visit their website click here