Pershore's plums

Pershore is now widely considered to be synonymous with plums and considering the varieties that have been created in the river-side market town, it’s hardly surprising. Pershore turns purple during August every year building up to the culmination of the award-winning Pershore Plum Festival over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Plums can be available typically as early as mid-July with some varieties available as late as the end of September, but arguably the town’s two most famous types – the Pershore Purple and Yellow Egg – can best be enjoyed in the middle of August.

There’s a rich history with plums and Pershore stretching back to the 1820’s and you’ll find many references throughout the town during a visit. Local farm shops and greengrocers will be bulging with the famous fruit after a good crop and it makes a delicious ingredient to cook with.

Pershore’s pride in the plum is best witnessed during the festival, with a number of quirky activities and events usually taking place. Visit their website for full details –


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You’ll likely to be amazed about how much history such a humble fruit can have and just how proud the town of Pershore is of them.